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Hello, nice to meet you! 💜
I'm Madlen and I'm a German digital artist who loves everything cute and gaming. My companion is my Eurasier bitch Midna. She also appears in many of my designs.

I've been a gamer since I was six and I've rediscovered my love for art during the pandemic. Since then I have been creating and developing my skills on my art journey. 🎨 I've discovered the kawaii style for myself, but I also regularly try out new things for myself!

🎮Gaming Goddess is my German brand for everything kawaii and gaming related to art + stationery. I also love building high-quality poke terrariums.

It's so much fun to finally be able to draw and do handicrafts regularly again! Thank you for participating and supporting me.

The highlight for me is this shop, so how nice that you stop by here!

I create all designs myself with lots of love on my tablet with Procreate or at my desk with markers. I lovingly handcraft my Poketerrariums.

Kind regards and GG,
Madlen from Gaming Goddess

Madlen und Midna